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T: (02) 4471 3400

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catEurocoast Veterinary Centre is a full service veterinary hospital with extensive facilities to perform all aspects of companion animal veterinary medicine to the highest standard.

On arrival at Eurocoast you will be greeted in our reception by one of our staff and asked to immediately proceed to a consultation room with your pet or if there is a short wait asked to take a seat and offered a cup of tea or coffee from or coffee machine (it makes a very nice cappuccino!).

We have separate dog and cat consultation rooms where we use special pheromone diffusors (Adaptil for dogs and Feliway for cats) in order to minimise stress for your pets during their visit. Both our consultation rooms are extremely spacious and very comfortable for both you and your pet.

ECVC_006The reception and consultation rooms are only a small part of our hospital though and it is “out the back” that the workhorse areas are. Here you will find our in house laboratory facilities allowing us to perform over 90% of necessary diagnostic tests on the spot, our treatment room where we perform simple procedures such as blood collection or bandage changes, our Dental treatment area where all our dental procedures are performed and our dedicated sterile operating theatre where all sterile surgery is performed and our radiology area with both dental and full body digital radiography, ultrasonography and specialised arthroscopy, endoscopy and laparoscopy facilities.

We are here to provide your pet with exceptional veterinary care. Because we treat your pet just like they are our pet, part of the family.

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Address: 3 Tallgums Way, Surf Beach Phone: (02) 4471 3400

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