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Veterinary dentistry compared to human dentistry is only a very young field of study. As veterinarians we have to know and understand a wide variety of tooth types from carnivores to herbivores with teeth ranging in size from less than 5mm to larger than 5cm! Human dentists only have to deal with one species where the teeth are roughly all the same size and they train for five years to become proficient.

Tara has spent over 10 years learning and practicing veterinary dentistry. She has treated dogs, cats, rabbits, even monkeys! With digital dental radiography, full dental treatment station and endodontic materials Tara is able to treat everything from basic tartar and teeth cleaning through to complex oral and dental fractures, tumours and developmental disorders.

For further information on various dental problems please see the links on the menu bar above.

We are here to provide your pet with exceptional veterinary care. Because we treat your pet just like they are our pet, part of the family.

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