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Dental disease

Dental disease is one of the most common concerns we see with pets and can have anything from a mild impact on quality of life to causing marked illness, systemic disease and even life threatening complications.

It isn’t easy examining your pets teeth and many people think that because their pet is eating that they don’t have a dental problem. Unfortunately this is not the case. Your pet needs to eat to live and they will continue to eat even in the face of quite significant disease and pain. It is amazing how well these animals respond to treatment and how it can dramatically improve their happiness and energy levels.

Common signs of dental problems in your pet may include things like smelly breath, stained teeth, rubbing their mouth on the ground or “scratching” at their mouth. Mild disease progresses, sometimes quite quickly, ¬†and can result in tooth root infections, abscesses, loss of teeth, infections of the kidneys, liver or lungs and sometimes even stimulate the growth of cancers. This is why we believe it is vital to keep your pets teeth as healthy as possible.

Home care is vital in helping to slow down and prevent dental disease in dogs and cats however it typically cannot “treat” tartar and gingivitis and other dental conditions. This requires dental treatment by a veterinarian.

We are here to provide your pet with exceptional veterinary care. Because we treat your pet just like they are our pet, part of the family.

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