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Desexing is a significant surgery and we take the care and responsibility of your pet undergoing this procedure very seriously. At our hospital EVERY pet who is desexed has the following:

  1. PreAnaesthetic assessment by a veterinarian and sedation immediately on arrival to reduce your pets anxiety and decrease the dose of anaesthetic needed. They then get to rest on a nice snuggly warm fluffy in a temperature controlled room until surgery.
  2. Intravenous catheter and intravenous fluids throughout surgery to ensure adequate levels of fluids are maintained and also to help the liver and kidneys with eliminating anaesthetic medications.
  3. Intraoperative hot airflow beds to help keep them nice and warm throughout surgery.
  4. A dedicated veterinary nurse whose job is just to monitor your pets anaesthetic, not to also do reception or answer phones as well, so your pet has their undivided attention.
  5. Monitoring of ECG, Pulse Oximetry and Blood Pressure on ALL surgeries to further ensure the safest and best anaesthesia possible.
  6. All surgeries are performed in our dedicated sterile theatre, the theatre does not have any other procedures such as dentistry or abscesses performed in it so it is completely sterile. It is also separately climate controlled airspace to ensure maximum sterility and comfort for your pets surgery.
  7. Single use swaged needle suture material registered for use in humans to ensure there is minimal trauma and maximum strength from suturing wounds closed.
    Electrocautery to minimise bleeding during surgery.
  8. Kate performs all surgeries. Kate has additional surgery qualifications from the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists, the body that overseas and registers all advanced and specialist veterinary practitioners in Australia and New Zealand. Kate is the most qualified and most experienced surgeon on the south coast and we will guarantee your pet will have the neatest, smallest, least traumatic, least painful and quickest healing incision of any veterinary practice on the south coast.
  9. A nurse with your pet until they are fully awake from surgery.
  10. Post operative pain relief for up to 5 days to ensure a pain free recovery and maximise healing.

All of the above is STANDARD for all our desexings. There is no “post operative pain relief is an additional $X” or “Intraoperative fluids is an additional $Y if you would like them for your pet”. We regard the above as MINIMUM standards of care that we will provide for your pet. So if you are comparing prices of desexing between veterinary clinics, which is your right as a consumer, please beware that you are not comparing apples with oranges and make sure you take in to consideration the fact that many veterinary hospitals either do not provide the above service or charge additional fees for supplying those services.

We also offer Laparoscopically assisted (“keyhole”) surgery for desexing at a small additional fee. Laparoscopically assisted surgery results in a smaller incision and less trauma particularly in larger and giant dogs. Please talk to us if you would like more information about this service.

We are here to provide your pet with exceptional veterinary care. Because we treat your pet just like they are our pet, part of the family.

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